@Ignacio Rivas

Sun, Jul 09, 6:06pm


January 02, 2018

Edificios is a project that started in September 2018 and it’s currently under development, it aims to be a platform for managing everything related with a residential building. It has support for all the roles that people and companies have over a building:

  • Administrators: who deal with expenses, payouts to third-party’s and legal stuff.
  • Managers: People in charge of the maintenance building, arranging and scheduling repairs with third-party’s and dealing with residents requests.
  • Owners: People who own apartments in the complex.
  • Tenants: Who actually live in the apartments.


The platform will allow users to:

  • Submit tickets or requests to the managers/administrators. e.g: elevator not working, light bulb not working, etc.
  • Calendar of events or booked shared spaces.
  • Expenses due for each apartment.
  • Parking spot management.
  • Messaging: Message with your neighbours.
  • Notifications.

Its currently being built with Koa, Postgres, React, Redux, Sagas, i18. And deployed to google cloud.